Gambling On Blackjack: Do You Really Win?

When entering a casino, you will find Blackjack as one of the most popular games among the regular gamblers. It's fairly simple - all you have to do is to produce a combination of two cards that total to 21, or at least close to it, and to beat the dealer at this game. In some casinos, you may find that Blackjack is called 21; but don't be confused. It's still the same game.

The question most people ask is, can you really win at Blackjack? Like all casino games, always remember that you're playing against a house advantage, and that means, if you really want to win, you have to stack the odds in your favor by using a technique that works. The good part of Blackjack is that you have most of the results in your own hand: you get to cut the deck of cards, you can opt to get "hit" by more cards if you want to, you can opt to stop taking more cards, you can decide whether your ace can take on the value of 1 or 11.

With that said, pay attention to the elements that can work for you and not against you. For example, you have to manage your money well and make sure you don't go overboard. When you've decided on quitting when you've lost a particular amount of money, stick to that and don't push your luck.

Observe closely and pay attention to the dealer's card - you have to decide carefully on whether to call his card or to stay.

Another interesting strategy at Blackjack is card counting - you can pay attention to what cards have come out, and make your decisions based on that but this is difficult to do. You can do this kind of strategy with a lot of practice, reading up on the subject and quick thinking.

How do you card count in Blackjack? First of all, a card deck with a lot of aces and tens is a good deck - you get a higher chance of winning, since you can count the ace as 11 and, paired up with a ten, gives you a Blackjack - a combination amounting to 21. If the deck of cards don't have that many tens and aces, you can bust quite easily. To tell which is which, you have to take note of the cards being played.

You need to pay attention to the card counter: high cards are equal to 1 point, and low cards, more than one point. Those in between amounts to 0. The card counter adds and subtracts points based on the cards being played. This is called "running count." You have to do some math: divide the running count by the size of card deck to find out what the "true count" is. This way, you will know if your deck is rich with aces and tens or not.

Playing to win Blackjack this way is a little complex and requires quick thinking and fast raction. If you can handle it, and do it in a way that doesn't get the attention of the dealer, then you may up your chances of winning the gambling tables at Blackjack.